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GAFCON UK exists as a broad-based fellowship for all faithful Anglicans in Britain who agree with the Jerusalem Declaration, who are committed to the renewal of the local and national church through the life-giving message of Jesus Christ, and who share the vision for a global Anglican future.

Christians in the West are rightly concerned about the lack of freedom and of basic necessities in many parts of the world. But do we realize that followers of Jesus overseas are praying for us as well? In particular, many Anglicans across the world look with compassion on our spiritual poverty.

They see Europe, America and other Western cultures as abandoning their Christian heritage, and UK churches, including Anglicans, under pressure to compromise clear Christian teaching in the face of secular humanist philosophy. In some cases, the Gospel appears to have been watered down or even denied. Even some faithful clergy do not feel free to give clear teaching on key topics such as sexual ethics or the uniqueness of Christ. Meanwhile, Christians are often afraid to share their faith in the workplace.


GAFCON unites confessing Anglicans worldwide

Existing church-planting and renewal movements are responding to our new cultural context, but these networks will be much stronger if they are linked to a global movement. GAFCON is such a movement: born out of the courageous stand for truth by a number of Archbishops in the mid 2000’s, GAFCON is now growing as a visible reminder of unity in Christ despite different cultures, different churchmanships and worship styles. It is a partnership for evangelism, discipleship and societal transformation throughout the Anglican Communion and beyond.


GAFCON and local Anglican churches

Through affiliation to GAFCON UK, Christians in the British Isles will be connected with this global movement for renewal and mission with its spiritual vitality and evangelistic zeal, doctrinal clarity, wisdom and  faithfulness under pressure. As GAFCON is not a new independent church or a rival to the Anglican Communion, membership of GAFCON UK is compatible with being a loyal member of Anglican churches in England, Scotland and Wales while our national churches remain orthodox in their official teachings and policies.

However, those who are concerned about the apparent drift of their denomination can rest secure that whatever happens, there is no need to leave Anglicanism, which is validated not from a human office or place, but from faithfulness to its historic self-understanding. The Gafcon Primates Council stands ready to authenticate those who wish to remain Anglican, but if necessary outside local structures. This is already happening: The Free Church of England, an independent Anglican church more than a century old, whose orders are recognised by the C of E, is affiliated to GAFCON. The Anglican Mission in England (AMiE), a new church-planting movement, comes under the oversight of GAFCON via the newly-consecrated Missionary Bishop Andy Lines and a panel of retired English Bishops. The Scottish Anglican Network, a group opposed to the recent decision of the Scottish Episcopal Church to permit same sex marriage, is also now looking to the oversight of Bishop Andy.



  • To provide fellowship for Anglicans committed to biblical orthodoxy in England, Scotland and Wales , from a range of ecclesial traditions, evangelical and catholic, with special focus on those who are losing confidence in local and national church structures to maintain faithfulness to doctrinal and ethical norms.
  • To encourage faithful Anglicans to contend for the apostolic faith once delivered, especially in those areas where Christian teaching comes into conflict with the latest trends of secular culture.
  • To be the means by which orthodox Anglicans in the UK can relate to the GAFCON Primates Council, and the GAFCON movement worldwide. This is for those within the official structures, and those outside, for example AMiE churches, and those in prayer and discussion about forming new structures, for example the Movement for a Renewed Orthodox Anglicanism.
  • To inform and inspire Anglicans in the UK with the stories and the vision of global orthodox Anglicanism, so that our churches can learn from this unique movement for renewal and mission, and also contribute to it.
  • To convene and prepare delegation to send to the GAFCON 2018 conference in Jerusalem, and to raise funds to support and facilitate the attendance of delegates from poorer nations.


GAFCON UK’s Task Group is being reconfigured to represent the different aims, and in particular to focus on Jerusalem 2018. More details will be available soon.


GAFCON UK is overseen by an advisory Panel of Reference:

  • President: Rt Revd Dr Michael Nazir-Ali. Director, Oxford Centre for Training, Research, Advocacy and Dialogue (OXTRAD). Bishop of Rochester 1994-2009; formerly General Secretary, Church Mission Society and Bishop of Raiwind, Pakistan.
  • Fr. Gavin Ashenden, writer and speaker, former Chaplain to the Queen
  • Revd Dr Andrew Atherstone, General Synod, and Latimer Trust
  • Revd Canon Amatu Christian-Iwuagwu, Vicar, St Mary Harmondsworth
  • Miss Prudence Dailey, Member of General Synod and Oxford Diocesan Synod
  • Rt Revd John Fenwick, Bishop Primus of the Free Church of England ​
  • Revd Clare Hendry, Assistant Minister, Grace Church, Muswell Hill, London
  • Fr. Martin Hislop, Vicar, St Luke's, Kingston
  • Revd Canon Nigel Juckes, ​ Priest in Charge, Llandogo​, Church in Wales
    (formerly Chair, New Wine South Africa)
  • Revd David McCarthy, Rector, St Thomas', Corstorphine, Edinburgh, Scottish Episcopal Church
  • Dr Jane Patterson, General Synod
  • Revd Paul Perkin, Vicar of St Mark's, Battersea Rise
  • Revd Vaughan Roberts, Rector, St Ebbe's, Oxford ​
  • Ven. Will Strange, Archdeacon of Cardigan, Church in Wales


GAFCON in 5 Minutes



If you are committed to world mission and to developing a vibrant movement for faithful confessing Anglicans worldwide, please join GAFCON, and signify your committed partnership with this growing global movement by pledging your financial support.


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