biblically orthodox, broad-based, global Anglicanism


Gafcon UK is the local expression of the Global Anglican Gafcon movement:

  • Proclaiming the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ faithfully to the nations.
  • Promoting the reform of the Anglican Communion through faithfulness to the Scriptures as historically understood.
  • Providing fellowship for all faithful Anglicans who subscribe to the Jerusalem Declaration.


Gafcon UK is the local expression of the global Anglican movement known as Gafcon.  We are committed to sharing their vision of a renewed Anglican Communion which is biblically faithful, diverse in culture and churchmanship and united in mission based on the Jerusalem Declaration.  [LINK TO JD] Our focus is on those areas that the Church of England, Church in Wales and Scottish Episcopal Church have traditionally served.

Gather Together

Gafcon UK aims to GATHER together lay people, clergy and bishops from across England, Scotland and Wales to pray together and work together to proclaim Christ faithfully to our nations and beyond.  Our members are drawn from the Church of England, the Church in Wales and the Scottish Episcopal Church, as well as authentic Anglicans outside the traditional provincial structures.

Hope to All

Gafcon UK offers HOPE TO ALL who want an authentic expression of Anglican.  If you are an Anglican in the UK, who is committed to biblical truth, it is easy to feel isolated, but no one need feel alone.  Gafcon UK offers tangible support through local gatherings, online forums and regular prayer updates.

Home to All

Gafcon UK offers a HOME TO ALL faithful Anglicans.  Some need alternative episcopal oversight and the safety of new ecclesial structures, others are content just to know there is a place where they belong.  All of us are committed to proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, in the hope that many more will find an eternal home with their Heavenly Father.



If you are committed to biblically faithful Anglican mission in Britain, and developing a vibrant movement for faithful confessing Anglicans worldwide, please join Gafcon UK.


Gafcon UK
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